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  • The majority of children who are allergic to cow's milk will grow out of their allergy by the age of 3 - 5 years. Your child's doctor or dietitian will help you manage their allergy as your child gets older.

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    • When should all the symptoms have disappeared?

      If your child has been correctly diagnosed with CMA and is successfully eliminating cows’ milk protein from it‘s diet then you are already half-way there!

      After adjusting your child to a suitable formula, it may take a little while for their body to get back to normal – rather like waiting for a cut to heal. Of course, if you stop feeding the formula that suits your baby when the symptoms have disappeared or consume cows’ milk protein as part of your own diet while breastfeeding – symptoms could come back in a flash. Your child‘s doctor will be able to advise you on how long to avoid cows’ milk.

      If your infant is prescribed an extensively hydrolysed formula (eHF) and symptoms do not improve after two to four weeks, your doctor might consider switching to an amino-based formula (AAF). If symptoms do not disappear on an AAF, it may be time for another look at the diagnosis.

    • What are eHFs?

      Cows’ milk-based formula treated with enzymes in order to break down most of the proteins that cause symptoms in allergic infants.

      What are AAFs?

      Infant formula based on synthetic amino acids. It is suitable for the dietary management of children allergic to cows’ milk or with multiple food protein intolerance.
    • Some formulas prescribed by doctors (known as ‘eHF’) can still cause allergies in some children with CMA

    • When should my child’s condition be reviewed?

      All children with CMA should be regularly checked by doctors for their general health, improvement in symptoms and, eventually, to find out if they have grown out of their allergy.

      Your child’s doctor will be looking out for:

      • Growth
      • Height
      • Ongoing signs and symptoms
      • Objective measures of food allergy

      Check-ups should occur periodically so that the condition and the clearing of symptoms can be monitored appropriately.

    • TIP – Arrange regular check-ups of your child by their doctor. Ideally after the age of 12 months and not before 6 - 12 months after you noticed the last allergic reactions.

    • Will my child grow out of cow’s milk allergy?

      Many, but not all, children outgrow their food allergies. This depends on the individual child and can vary by type of foods.

      Your doctor will re-evaluate your child to check. This process may include several tests, such as skin testing, blood tests, and/or oral food challenges depending on the type of the allergic reaction.

      Don’t worry if your child still shows ‘positive’ reactions in skin or blood tests! It may be that a food challenge under the direction of a paediatric specialist may be necessary to prove that CMA has finally gone away.

    • Good news...

      The majority of children who are allergic to milk will grow out of their allergy by the age of 3 - 5 years.
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